Saturday, May 28, 2011

What the WHAT?!

This is a little section I'd like to call "What the WHAT?!" in which I point out something that is moronic, ignorant, or just plain annoying.

Today's topic falls more on the annoying side. Me no likey when Fast Food drive thru employees shove your food out the window, grab your debit card, and throw it back at you before you even have time to put the car in park. It's one thing to be efficient, but to make me feel like I'm a slow poke just because it takes more than 1 nanosecond to put my card back in my wallet and awkwardly fumble with the receipt (that I don't even need) is just ridiculous.

God forbid I pay in cash and they have to actually count some change (I love to throw in an extra penny to avoid getting pennies back and watch it blow. their. mind. It's like I asked them to recite the quadratic formula or something. Which, I can still do by the way- big ups to my 11th grade Geometry teacher Mrs. O'Donohue!)

But I digress. To the Bon Qui Qui s of the world who work in a service industry: never make your customer feel like they are an annoyance to you. This should be "How Not to Suck at Your Job 101" but sadly, it's not. That is all.


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