Wednesday, May 25, 2011

9 Week Photo Shoot

Our sweet friend, Allie Rudd, came by to meet Molly Ruth a few weeks ago and we ended up having an impromptu photo session! (Allie is a professional and takes pictures for a living) Boy oh boy am I glad she came prepared because the photos turned out beautifully. I'll keep this short and sweet because I know the photos are the best part. Enjoy!


PS I know in our original post I said that I wanted this blog to be more than just family photos and random happenings, which is predominantly what it is so far. However, a good blog means being true to yourself and your interests and, right now, that means a lot of blogs will be about MR. Believe it or not, I do have other hobbies and things that occupy my mind and I assure you they will make their way to the blog eventually.


  1. Love love love the photos!! Such a sweet little one and I'm dying to see her again! I need to squish on her! Glad the bloomers fit well enough for a fun photo shoot! ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful baby! I'm about to add you to by blog list!