Monday, May 16, 2011

Breaking the Ice

Well, we're finally here at our very own blog. Let me start by introducing myself. My name's Jillian. I'm married to Matt. And together we created Molly Ruth, our daughter who is 10 weeks old today (Happy Birthday Mollums!) Yes, this is another blog about a young family but my dreams are that it will be much more than just an electronic scrapbook of photos and random family happenings. I plan to rediscover my inner writer and the creative self I have buried through the years. I want to celebrate our triumphs but also share our struggles through this blog. Matt will also be posting and undoubtedly provide a little male perspective and a lot of humor. Bear with us as we find our voices and organize this baby- it's sure to be a little scattered (and not so fancy) at first.

I haphazardly chose the title "The Scott Box" because I wanted something short and easy to remember. I also liked that it sort of rhymed. However, upon further thought, I kind of like the idea of this site being a figurative box. For us, this will be a place to "store" memories and reflect. For you, the reader, I hope that this will be a "box" you can peak into, never knowing what sort of treasure (or trash) you will find. Hey, this won't always be a G-rated day-at-the-park blog. We are a real, imperfect, sometimes inappropriate family that is full of love, wonder, and laughter. Welcome, enjoy, and come back often to see what's in The Scott Box.