Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh, Baby

Since most of our initial readers most likely know us personally, I figure I'll post about what, or who, is currently the center of our universe- Molly Ruth (MR for short). I wasn't able to do much toward the end of my pregnancy so I may throw in a few retrospective posts.

To briefly recap: She was born at 36 weeks 5 days after what turned out to be a difficult, somewhat scary pregnancy. I had a textbook (dare I say easy?) pregnancy up until 29 weeks when my doctor informed me at a regular OB visit that I was in preterm labor and needed to be hospitalized immediately. After a couple of days in the hospital, they had successfully stopped my labor and sent me home on full bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.

*Odd side note: You'll notice I'm wearing glasses while on bed rest. Around 24 weeks, I noticed my vision worsening and got glasses to help me drive. Now that pregnancy is over, my vision is back to normal. Funny side effect of pregnancy hormones I suppose...

Believe me, bed rest ain't as glorious as it sounds. Having to be horizontal all of the time, as in I could only sit up to eat and go to the bathroom, was excrutiatingly difficult. It was far more physically painful than I ever anticipated but the help I received from friends and family and my husband helped me through. And, with lots of prayer and support, MR stayed put for 7 more weeks and fattened up to a healthy 7 lb 1 oz by the time she made her debut. We love you Molly Rubins!

34 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks before delivery

Holding her for the first time


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