Saturday, December 3, 2011

Gobble gobble goo...

...and gobble gobble gickel. Well, Turkey Day has come and gone and my pants are a little bit tighter because of it. And so the holiday season AKA Project Try Not To Gain So Much Weight That I Could Actually Try Out For Biggest Loser begins.

Because I'm a certified SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) now, I feel some pressure to do those little crafty, domestic things that most normal (working) people can only read about but would never actually have time for. And while I do consider myself to be a creative person, I do not consider myself to be very domestic. Here are some domestic things I do know how to do:

-Use Windex

-Use vacuum

-Wash clothes

-Boil water

Here are some domestic things I do not know how to do:

-Iron (Ugh- and I do not intend to learn. The dry cleaners can take care of that. Besides, what the heck am I wearing these days that doesn't have elastic waistbands, much less needs ironing? Sad but halfway true.)

-Sew a button on. Or sew anything for that matter. This one I'd like to learn because I think it will come in handy.

-Cook. I can sometimes follow very simple recipes. Sometimes. (Said by the girl who burned a set of pop tarts not once but twice last week. Hey, it was the toaster's fault!)

-Anything in the yard/garden. My borderline albino skin and black thumb don't make anything outdoorsy very promising.

So, the fact that I have actual family Christmas cards stamped and ready to mail out makes me feel pretty accomplished. (Sorry if we know you and you don't get one. I had a gift card to Shutterfly and I refused to order more than what our gift card was for since we're down an income. Dang, who knew Christmas cards cold be so cut throat?)

And here's my big domestic accomplishment of the week: I made chocolate and peanut butter Chex party mix! Like, from scratch. Sure, you pros may be snickering at me, but that Chex party mix included melting something (I may or may not have burned the white chocolate chips while microwaving them), mixing something, and then putting stuff in containers. This people, is big.

So, let's get to some Turkey Time pictures, shall we?

Thanksgiving Day was so beautiful and sunny that we started off the morning lounging around in our pajamas in the sunroom.

One wardrobe change later...My baby's baby blues. Get me every time.

She is so curious and interested in everything.

Doe (Matt's mom) was able to join us for dinner. Molly Ruth sure does love her grandmas...(Bebe, if you're reading this, I just realized what few pictures we have of you and MR. So get ready for some picture takin'!)

Mother and daughter :)

We couldn't leave Molly out of the Thanksgiving goodness...Thanksgiving themed baby food!

And in the spirit of keepin' it know how lots of blogs seem to have perfect, crisp, professional looking pictures of every day things? Like table settings, for instance? Well, here was my attempt:

And that's my big fat shadow smack dab in the middle. Oh well. Would you believe I have a Canon Rebel and Photoshop? And I obviously don't know how to use either. Embarassing.

Last but not least is our one family shot of Molly's First Thanksgiving:

I hope everyone else had a nice Thanksgiving filled with an abundance of love, warmth, and your favorite fatty food.

PS. Virtual high five to the first person who can correctly identify where the first line of this blog is from.

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  1. Jill, Molly has the most gorgeous eyelashes! Usually only little boys get this lucky!!!!