Wednesday, November 16, 2011

M Day

Like D day but M for Moving, get it? Today, as in right this very moment, we are moving homes and cities. We are closing a door or two, both literally and figuratively, and opening many, many new ones. But without getting all philosophical and mushy on you, you're probably wondering "What in the h e double hockey sticks are you doing blogging on moving day?" Well, I packed my car and brought Molly over to our new home with my mom and grandma so we were out of the way for the movers. Matt stayed behind to oversee the movers and is following them here.

Our last family photo in the house before we left.

So, we've unloaded our cars, fed and changed Molly, and have some time to kill before the movers and Matt get here. Grandma Marsh has been so anxious to sit with Molly on the porch (which is more like a sun room) and let her see all of the trees and birds. And it is safe to say that she loves it out there!

That little blur is her jumping up and down like a mad woman. Jumping is her new thing. No matter what she's doing, she's jerking her body up and down in an attempt to jump. It's even earned her the new nickname of Kangaruth. Pretty clever, right?

Well, I just got word that the movers are on the way here and I've got to make a Subway run to feed everyone, so, it's time to cut this post short. Wish us luck! Oh, did I mention it has been storming all day?? Ugh, typical. Here is one more picture of my sunshine:


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  1. I hope y'all got everything in despite the rain! I'm waiting on the blog explaining more about stay-at-home mommy decision and the move!!!