Sunday, November 6, 2011

Big Changes and 6 Month Well Visit

I'm baaaack!I hate that I have been so unbelievably negligent with blogging but the reality is I simply couldn't find the time to do it. Between working full time, keeping up the housework (which only means keeping it liveable- my pristine home I once prided myself on is a thing of the past) and mothering my sweet baby, I barely have had time to sleep and shower, much less blog. But here I finally am, fingers on the keyboard, smiling lovingly at my glowing long lost friend. And I am so pumped to put the blood, sweat and tears into this blog that I have always wanted to, but couldn't. Hold on to your seats people, it's about to get a whooole lot more fun to visit the The Scott Box.

The Big Change that I was referring to is that, as of Friday Nov. 4, I am no longer a member of the work force. That's right. I resigned from a 7 year career in banking to become a bonafide stay-at-home mom (by the way, I'm not exactly happy with the generalizations of that "title"- but that'll be another blog altogether.) I will most definitely elaborate on the decision to stay at home and what it has entailed, but for now I'll leave it with that simple announcement.

On to Miss Thang. Molly will be 8 months old tomorrow (You mean I don't have a newborn?!) But I'm going to retro post a bit since I have skipped almost 2 months of blogging. Molly was such a little ham at her 6 month well visit. She laughed and squealed the whole time, even after her shots.

Molly weighed 18lb 13oz and was 25.25 inches long. As I've mentioned previously, Dr. Adams doesn't tell us percentiles, but she assured us that Molly is "just beautiful and perfectly healthy."

That picture just cracks me up. She looks like an itty bitty person just hanging out.

See how excited she was to be at the doctor?? It is so fun to watch her little personality come out. She most definitely is a happy baby and very even tempered. She laughs often and smiles at everything. I won the baby lotto for sure.

A funny family shot. Life sure is fun.


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