Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Super C-U-T-E

I figure it's about time for a post full of random cute pictures of my little Molly. Here ya go!

MR still loves bath time and has recently started kicking a lot during her bath which makes a big, watery mess. Her new favorite part of bath time is most definitely the baby massage she gets while we slather her in baby lotion. She squeals and laughs the whole time.

She is getting better at practicing sitting up in her Bumbo. However, her tolerance of the Bumbo is limited to a 15 minute time span for now.

Just today, MR sat and listened as Grandma Bebe read not 1 but 2 books to her! She studied each and every page and loved to touch them and grab the edges.

Her sweet little hand holding her book.

I sure am a proud mommy.

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