Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trip to Birmingham

On the weekend of December 1st, we all loaded up (Grandma Marsh, Mom, Matt, Molly Ruth, and myself) and drove down to Birmingham for a quick overnight trip to celebrate Mallie Kate's 1st birthday. It was a busy, fun filled weekend!

The weather was warm and sunny (Alabama doesn't care that it's December), which meant that all of the kids (and adults!) gathered outside to play and chat.

My aunt Jill, cousin Tara, Tara's husband Jeff, and their sweet baby, Rachel, drove down for the day from Tennessee to join the fun. I always enjoy my time with them and this particular visit was extra special because it was the first time that we got to meet baby Rachel :) She is a wonderfully happy baby.

Rachel's first time on a swing:

I think it's safe to say that Rachel loved it!

Molly Ruth braved climbing up the playset...

...where she proceeded to have a hilarious impromptu toddler dance party with Hudson. There was lots of stomping, shaking, screaming, bouncing, and laughing.

And then she tried the BIG slide (with daddy's help):

Look at that determination!

I somehow managed to not get a single picture of Mallie Kate's birthday decorations or Mallie Kate in her birthday dress! But, I did try to get a picture of all three cousins in their matching shirts that Aunt Jill got them...

...but MK was partied out.

Rachel, however, was more than willing to sit for a few snapshots ;)

On Sunday morning, Paul and Hilary cooked a nice breakfast and MR and MK got to spend some time playing in their pajamas and acting silly:

Children love Grandma Marsh and her two great granddaughters are no exception.

Happy First Birthday Mallie Kate and thank you to Paul and Hilary for being such great hosts that weekend. We felt right at home (in your beautiful new home!) and really enjoyed getting to have some family time together. It was good for the soul. Looking forward to the next visit!

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