Friday, December 7, 2012

18-21 Month Milestones

I hate that I got so far behind with blogging. Time just kept creeping by and posts that should have been just kept piling up in my head until the thought of blogging just completely overwhelmed me. However, this is my only form of a scrapbook for Molly Ruth so at the very least, I need to blog about her milestones. And, I promise, I will make blogging more of a priority in 2013.

*The following pictures in this post were taken in the month of October at 19 months old*

18-21 Month Milestones

Because MR is 21 months old (today, actually!), I'm including the full time range because, for the most part, I don't remember exactly which month everything happened.

-15 months: Molly Ruth started putting 2 word phrases together. Her first phrase was "Moof (move) dog"

-At her 18 month well visit, she weighed 27 pounds and was approximately 35 inches tall. She also wore a size 5 diaper, size 5 shoe, and 18-24m clothing.

-18 months: Molly Ruth started putting 3 word phrases together. One of her first ones was "Dog bite knee." Now, don't worry, a dog didn't really bite her knee. She does, however, have a very active imagination.

-19 months: She incorporated several phrases into her vocabulary, such as "Reach it," "Taste it," and "Hold it." She started saying these phrases with an additional noun at the end, i.e. "Reach it rabbit" or "Hold it baby" in order to express things that she wanted. She is extremely verbal and our pediatrician confirmed at her 18 month check up that she is, indeed, verbally advanced for her age. Along that same line, I'd like to mention (brag?) that at her last opthamology appointment at 20 months old, she was able to correctly verbally identify everything on the eye chart for 3 year olds. It's safe to say that I left the appointment that day beaming with pride :)

-She is really enjoying pretend play and frequently shares food and drink with her babies. She has also started "cooking" things and even made some pretend soup in an old coffee can and encouraged everyone to "Taste it! Hot soup!"

-Her favorite TV programs are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Play with Me Sesame, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi.

-She is a great eater and I try really hard to focus on feeding her nutritious food instead of lots of processed toddler junk. We discovered a couple of weeks ago that she even likes Japanese food, which included gyoza, chicken teriyaki, fried rice, and edamame.

- She calls butterflies "highflies," which I think is pretty sweet.

-She is a lover. A hugger. A snuggler. I am so thankful for her sweet spirit and her eagerness to share hugs and kisses with us. I also steal about 1000 kisses a day from her.

- I still rock her to sleep every night and I cherish every moment of it. It's our special quiet time. After bath, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning, we sit in her chair and read 2-3 books together. Then, she has a night bottle (Yes, you read that right, I still let her have a bottle at bed time. Hey, it's our thing and I promise I'll stop it before she's in high school.) and I rock her until she's sound asleep.

- She is funny and goofy. She makes silly faces and noises and movements all of the time. She can even do a couple of voices and accents. Seriously. She and I talk back and forth in a high pitched Elmo voice a lot. She also can do a very decent British accent. No joke.

-She is cautious and thoughtful. She does things very purposefully. Her verbal expressiveness coupled with her inclination to be a studier/observer has essentially eliminated tantrums out of frustration with communicating. We have never really had an issue understanding what she wanted.

I'll close with pictures from Halloween. She was a sunflower and we decorated the wagon with flowers so she'd look like a flower in a garden. We pulled her around the neighborhood and she had a blast saying "Trick or treat" when people answered their doors.

Happy Holidays everyone! I'll be back soon to do some retro posts about our family beach trip back in September and Fall happenings in November!


  1. Hey Jillian! Molly Ruth is so cute!! So glad you get to spend your days with your sweet baby girl! She definitely sounds advanced with her verbal skills! I have a question...I'm shopping for my niece's, Annie, Christmas present. She's16 months old now and will be 17 months old on Dec. 28th. When did Molly Ruth start getting into imaginative play? I was thinking about getting her a play kitchen and wondered if she is the right age for it yet or not. Thanks so much! Hope y'all have a very Merry Christmas :)!

    1. Hey Emily! Your niece is SO beautiful! I have seen her pictures on FB :) Molly Ruth was about 17 months when she started "feeding" her babies and whatnot. A play kitchen is actually MR's big Santa gift this year! haha If she isn't quite ready for it right when she gets it, she will be shortly thereafter so I think it's a great gift idea. And, in case you haven't found one, Kidkraft makes a vintage style that is cute and affordable ($115-$150). Just google Kidkraft vintage kitchen. I ordered the pink one that has the fridge detached because it looks like the PBK one (without the crazy $500+ price tag!). Merry Christmas and I am going to try to make it to Margaret's shower in January!