Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wagon Ride

Last Sunday, Matt and I took MR on her first wagon ride. We got the wagon from our sweet neighbor (for only $15!) whose daughters had outgrown it. Score!

Getting ready to ride...

And we're off!

She really loved it...she kept saying "Rine rine!" (Ride ride)

Pulling MR around in the wagon really made me antsy for fall to get here...I can't wait to be outside more! I already have plans to decorate the wagon and pull MR around the neighborhood to go trick or treating.

I also should mention that MR was not as well as I thought when I wrote the last post. That same day she spiked another fever over 103 and was very moody and irritable. Then, she developed an awful rash all over her body. It was pitiful. The good news is that it didn't hurt her or seem to itch at all, which was a major blessing.

Her pediatrician thinks that it was an allergic reaction to amoxicillin so we stopped giving it to her immediately. However, it still took a couple of days for the rash to get better and completely disappear. I am so happy to report that she is now completely rash free and fever free.

And, she has 2 (possibly 3) new teeth that have broken through in the recent weeks which makes me think they may have been the reason for the fevers. Either way, my baby is feeling better and I am getting adequate sleep again. Praise the Lord! ;)

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